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We take great pride in the transmission repair work we do for Portland drivers. We offer complete automatic transmission service to customers across the Portland metro area, Milwaukie, Gresham, and Clackamas. 

Since 1944, Portland drivers have turned to Advanced Transmission & Gear when they need transmission service. You can too. We are ready to get under the hood of your standard or four-wheel-drive vehicle – for an inspection, diagnosis, and repair or replace any faulty or unsafe parts.

We offer the best in automatic and standard transmission repair for foreign and domestic vehicles. We even work on 4WD vehicles, Motor Homes, and offer Transmission services for fleet vehicles. We also do Clutch Repair!

Advanced Transmission and Gear is proud to offer FREE local Towing with major repairs.


You should never skip or ignore recommended transmission service for your vehicle. The transmission is one of the most expensive components to replace in your vehicle. Servicing your transmission will increase the life of your vehicle and save you money in the long run. If you neglect the required service at the intervals in your owners manual, you may begin experiencing problems with your transmission.

Automatic transmission and manual transmissions are different and often require different maintenance. Automatic transmissions in particular need to be serviced according to the manufacturers recommendation. This is vital if you want to avoid spending thousands of dollar replacing your automatic transmission in the future. Once an automatic transmission is neglected, small problems can progress quickly and cause extensive and expensive damage under the hood.

Transmission Fluid – Regular transmission service helps in automatic transmission fluid efficiency. You see, the gears in your transmission deliver power from the engine to the drive wheels and this helps in shifting it automatically in order to provide the best power as well as efficiency for driving conditions. There is a special transmission fluid that lubricates and cools the gears. With time, this fluid degrades and its qualities for lubricating diminishes.

Transmission Filter – Over time the filter within automatic transmission can become clogged with contaminants and suffer from normal wear-and-tear effects. By replacing the transmission filter during a transmission fluid exchange helps to eliminate the debris that can cause costly damages and undue stress on your engine. The Gaskets of the transmission are often replaced at the same time to ensure a long and proper seal on your transmission after service.

Performing the prescribed regular maintenance on your transmission, automatic or standard, will save a lot of money in future transmission repairs. Whether you find yourself needing simple transmission maintenance or extensive transmission repair, give Advanced Transmission and Gear a call to have the transmission professionals get you through your transmission service quickly.


Automatic transmissions have hundreds of parts and several assemblies that are constantly working while you are driving. Over time these parts will begin to exhibit signs of wear-and-tear from normal use. This is why it is so important to have regular recommended inspections and service for your transmission. It is important to note that, once one internal component fails, it leads the other components to work harder and wear faster. Something as small as leak can have an affect on your transmission and star to experience any number of problems.

Transmission Fluid Flushes – As you drive, your automatic transmission fluid becomes contaminated and needs to be flushed and replaced. Automatic transmission fluid is basically a hydraulic fluid that cleans, cools as well as lubricates the internal parts of the transmission.  This is the reason why it is so important to check your transmission fluid level and consistency on a regular basis.

More often, automatic transmission fluid is overworked as it cleans, cools and lubricates. When this happens, it will deteriorate and it will not have the ability to do the job that it’s designed to do.

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This depends on the make and model of your vehicle and how you use it. The automatic transmission of a certain vehicle that accelerates and decelerates more than usual, requires more attention. That’s obvious. Another key factor to consider that affects the automatic fluid service is the operating temperature.

However, it is really crucial to replace the fluid as required, at the manufacturer’s or dealer’s service intervals if not more often. Some vehicle manufacturer suggest that you can go for more than 50,000km with the same fluid, while there other manufacturers who claim that they have developed an automatic transmissions that never require fluid changes! But I tend to differ; this is because, it is very sensible to have your automatic transmission fluid checked.

Transmission Service and Repair Shop It is highly recommended that your automatic transmission should be serviced in a competent transmission repair shop according to Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association, or ATRA. Advanced Transmission and Gear is a member of ATRA. What that means is you can trust us with your automatic transmission service. This is what we do. Paying for regular transmission fluid checks will save you thousands of dollars in the long run; a very good investment indeed.

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There are some clear advantages to manual transmissions, including the fact that they use less fuel and give you more control over your vehicle during operation. Many people prefer a vehicle with a clutch and stick shift for these reasons. The other great benefit to a standard transmission is that because of how they are designed, they are less expensive to repair and replace than an automatic transmission. They even require less maintenance over the life of the transmission.



Standard transmissions are cheaper to service and repair than automatic transmissions, but why?

It’s because of how they are built. To start, the fluid in a manual transmissions doesn’t have to be replaced as often as in an automatic. The manual transmission fluids are used by the mechanic to provide the perfect lubrication to the shafts, gears, and other internal components. Pressure, heat and fiction can gradually and steadily break down the manual transmission fluid additives. Further, small metal particles break off from the gears as the vehicle is under motion, these particles get to mix with the transmission fluid. Water can also contaminate the fluids. This means it will still need to be flushed at some point(s) during the life of the transmission.


Anytime you notice a leak under your vehicle, you should have it checked out. A small leak can quickly get out of hand and cause widespread damage.

You should immediately seek out transmission service if you experience your clutch slipping when not pressed to the floor. Waiting too long could result in needing a complete clutch replacement.

It recommended that one goes with the vehicle maintenance manual. Manual transmission fluid change depends on the make of the vehicle, how the owner uses the car and the fuel type. You do not want to wait until the fluid is black. Do not however change the manual transmission fluid too frequently as this would be an unnecessarily expense.

Negligence can sometimes prove to be very expensive. A car a special asset, it carries peoples lives around, one must properly care for the car for it to take care of the owner in return. Regularly maintaining the car and going for the manufacturer’s recommended services is cost effective in the long run. Avoiding regular transmission service could lead to huge car damages for instance waiting until the transmission fluid is black could call for change of the whole gear system.


As you accelerate, your car shifts between the gears that convert the engine’s output into usable energy, and your clutch is the component that makes it happen. While this device is designed to last many years, your maintenance and driving habits could lead to premature wear. If you’re having a hard time engaging a gear or you aren’t getting extra power while pressing the gas pedal, you might need professional clutch repair service from an experienced mechanic. With more than seven decades in the Portland community, Advanced Transmission & Repair has cultivated a reputation as a trusted service provider, and we can help you stay out on the road.

Complete Clutch Repair – While repair is usually the preferred strategy, there are times when the damage is significant enough to warrant complete clutch replacement. To accomplish this, the mechanics from our transmission repair company will disassemble the entire system of gears and replace the clutch disc and pressure plate. For some vehicles, they’ll even remove and resurface the flywheel for a smoother shifting experience. This project is a significant undertaking, but we can usually take care of it in a day or two unless we detect more substantial damages.

if you're in portland, we can fix your transmission
transmission fluid flushes in portland, OR


Every car and truck on the market right now has a differential system that is responsible for how the wheels turn and interact properly. When a vehicle is in motion and turns, the wheels do not turn at the same speed. The gears in the differential supplies torque to the wheels and allows them to turn as expected. There’s a serious problem with the ability to drive when the differential is damaged or you need your differential replaced.

Differential issues in particular can have a severe impact on performance and safety while operating a vehicle.

Differential Fluid Exchange – The gears within your differential system may begin to make noise as they turn because they run low on lubrication. If the differential fluid or gear oil runs low or becomes dirty then it needs to be replaced to restore differential performance. Most differential fluids should be changed out between 15,000-30,000 miles. This keeps the gears and bearings lubricated and reduced the acceleration of wear-and-tear on the differential system.

Differential Repairs – We can replace worn and broken bearings, pinions, and gears in your differential system. Sometimes worn U-Joints need to be replaced or the driveshaft needs to be re-balanced. We even do custom gear ratio conversions.

Transmission, Clutch, and Differential Service across the Portland metro area and Gresham, OR. Your car is an important part of your daily life, so don’t settle for anything less than peak performance out of your automotive engine. Don’t delay in getting an inspection to find the source of why you’re having trouble shifting between gears or experiencing an issue with your clutch or differential.

Let the experienced technicians at Advanced Transmission and Gear in Gresham take a look under the hood and fix any issues before they intensify.

We’re happy to help. Give us a call today at (503) 665-9892.